The Addison Arms

Sawtry Road, Glatton, 01487 830410

A public house has stood here in Glatton since early times. A tavern run by the aptly-named Mrs Goodale was demolished at the beginning of the 18th century to make way for the present building, constructed for its first landlord Peter Addison.

The Addisons had lived in the village since the mid-16th century and were one of its biggest landowners. The pub was actually named after Peter's relative Joseph Addison (1672-1719), the well known playwright perhaps best remembered for writing: "A woman seldom asks advice before she has bought her wedding clothes."

The building is of considerable architectural interest and was included in Glatton's Conservation Area in 1974. It is particularly notable for its combination of a 'spine beam', common in 17th century buildings, and the 'cross beam' found in later structures. The spine beam runs through the Lounge into the Bar where the cross beam can also be seen.

The exterior shows considerable Dutch influence, especially with its appropriately bottle-shaped gable ends. The bricks are Flemish, almost certainly carried to an East of England port from Holland as ballast. With the passing of time, the original thatched roof has been covered with tiles.

Glatton's village blacksmith's shop was at one time attached to The Addison Arms immediately to the right as you face the pub: you can still see part of its structure.

The Addison Arms, Sawtry Road, Glatton, PE28 5RZ | 01487 830410